Happy New Year! 2014: Year of the Horse Nengajo


Happy New Year! Above is my design for this year’s new year’s card (nengajo, 年賀状). In Japan, January 1 marks the start of the next animal in the Chinese zodiac, and it’s a tradition to send out New Year’s postcards with the year’s zodiac animal on it. This is the Year of the Wood Horse, which marks a year of progressing in leaps. I hope everyone’s year has galloped off to a great start!




  1. Petra Hofmann

    This looks fantastic! All the best for 2014…and lots of success at surtex! Your work is Great!

  2. aileen

    Thanks Petra! Hope you have a successful year too!

  3. May Leong

    Glad to discover your blog. Following your blog … Wish you great success in Surtax !